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Pre Launch Announcement



We'll soon be launching the most exciting community on the internet. (SEPT 2011)


Exciting that is if you're a fashion junky or preparing for Prom Night.


Connect with millions of other fashionistas and thousands of cool boutiques and industry specialists focused on all that's hot right now and most especially for your Prom Night.


Easily find fashion boutiques and services close to your home or utilise the full potential of the Net, safe and secure with a account.


View feedback scores of suppliers before you buy, just like on eBay.


Create your own prom group that can't be hijacked, a huge problem on other less secure social networks.


Pre Launch Announcement







This weeks featured Design House







This weeks Summer 2010 school video

Great video from Teddington School, Middlesex.

Holy smokes... no Emo's or Goth's!

Music on this video - Download it... iTunes or Spotify

Get your 2010 prom video featured here

Learn how to make a school video


Pre-launch membership


The largest directory of prom dresses on the entire internet.


Find Prom dates booked within 20 miles of...



Coming soon PromDiary v1.0

exclusive to






Interactive Global Dress Diary


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List your prom now










                Design Houses...  5
                Retailers...            7
                Schools...               1          


View sample school listing

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                Design Houses...  5
                Retailers...            7
                Schools...               1            

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